Fall Art Therapy programs at the Arterie

Hello Readers on this fair-weather August long weekend,

This is our first Arterie newsletter (on the Arterie.ca site / posting it for readers here too).  We've written a report on what we’ve been running, and what is upcoming in the Fall.

Let me start with inviting you to imagine what a therapist lives for. Can you guess? That’s right: the ‘breakthrough’—that rush of wisdom that comes when resilience outlasts a problem or a habit. This can be large or small scale, and the small ones are worth noting because we all need positive feedback on the tough slog of inner work—patience, for example, when we quietly work at expanding our patience, look for the little breakthrough. It's worth it.

When you put a couple therapists in a room together, the larger project naturally becomes teasing out the techniques and theory of how to hunt for a breakthrough. We all have our own way.

When you get a collective together, like at the Arterie—which started as a collective of art therapists in 2015 and then this year expanded into a clinic with different professionals who share that creative edge—the project grows to wanting to tell the world what we’ve figured out so far—and that’s you, wordly reader. 

One important aspect of a therapist’s approach to breakthrough hunting is this: that noisy symptom, for example, fear when there is no danger (anxiety), or lethargy despite good rest (depression)—from here comes important information about the unconscious mind. Right? Right. But how to crack that code? Yes, this is the question. Hold that thought…

First one more important thing: human development. How old are you? But also: how old is the problem?
“Adulting” starts young, and the ‘inner child’ lives on…
There are of course different approaches for different ages, but also for problems that are rooted in different parts of a person’s history, experiences.

These are a therapist’s questions. But yours too: the self-helper, or the parent, or caregiver.
We want to connect the professional work that we do at the Arterie with your own ‘breakthrough hunting.’

There is too much to say here, so below are invitations to some events where we will expand on 'breakthrough hunting' that we do on the way to self-acceptance and good mental health.

These invitations are for those of you who are local to the GTA, especially in Burlington, where we have a studio.

We will be posting the process of our programs on our Instagram account (@TheArterie) if you’d like to follow.

FOR ADULTS: You don’t need experience, everyone is creative, and making art is as challenging as inner-work. BUT creating something from raw colour and materials is another ‘royal road to the unconscious.’

“Journal your art out”
Sept. 23rd 2017
Nov. 4th, 2017
You can come to one or both. 40$ + tx.
This is for you if you want to:
* become more insight-oriented with your creative process
* silence your ‘inner critic’ and strengthen your creative voice
* tune into yourself and your needs

Zoom Within: Art making and Mindfulness Workshop Series
Created and led by Art therapist Sarah Brodie
6 weeks of Friday mornings 9:30-noon
Starting Oct. 16th 2017
Who is this for?
*  you are creative
* you are looking for more meaning, depth, beauty in your life
* you are going through a transition, searching for new direction
* you wonder how to better nurture yourself

Open Studio Mondays
Time to work on your creative projects in good company, and with good understanding and technique for overcoming creative blocks
Afternoons and evenings available, sign up required
Led by The Arterie Artist-in-Residence
Suggested contribution: 12$/ hr
Drawing supplies included, paint and other supplies available for purchase
Contact: studio@arterie.ca

At the very beginning of the summer, Claudia Corradetti and Sarah Brodie hosted “Inspired Parenting Workshop.” We discussed how simple techniques like reflecting a child’s difficult feelings, rather than the well-intentioned parental reflex to rush to fix the problem, is sometimes the better bet. We shared some good laughs on parenting-fails, and ate snacks. The feedback was for MORE.

We would like to address three themes separately over the coming season:

Thursday, Sept. 28th, 7-9pm: strategies and techniques for parents of elementary school aged-children
We got serious about the MORE.
We thought that one way to fit this into busy parents’ lives is to offer child care and a catered healthy meal and a panel of therapists who will reply to questions on our theme. You will be sent scripted ‘minutes’ of our discussion.
150$ / person (*couple and group discounts available)

Thursday, Oct. 19th, 7-9 pm:  parenting teenage girls Part 1 of 3, future dates to be announced. 50$ + tx.
Sarah and Claudia work with teenage girls as a large part of their practice. They have lots to share on difficult topics including dating & sexuality, drug/ alcohol use, communication & technology.

New year: Parenting in the age of youtube
How to parent your child in the ‘digital age,’ setting limits, overseeing safety, and treating the withdrawal symptoms that come with as little as 10 minutes on a screen.



Ask about our groups for school aged girls, school aged boys, and youth.
These are available to individual children/ youth who have already had an assessment by a psychotherapist. We tailor these groups to match the group and individual needs.

This summer we’ve had a great group that we called “Slime Therapy” for girls who struggle to self-soothe fears, frustrations, and other difficult feelings.

More info on these next newsletter, or contact us if you’re interested.

Yours in arts and healing,

Sarah Brodie

on behalf of The Arterie


Overdue Arterie Burlington News

Gracious newsletter reader,

It's been ages. I've been productive! I’ll barrel through some updates and get on to the innovations right afterwards!

  • I did it! One month ago I moved into a darling freshly-renovated bungalow at 384 Guelph Line, near the lake. Here I continue to see adults, teens, and children in individual art therapy/ psychotherapy. Everyone likes the new digs.
  • My consulting room is now alongside five (!) others, each home to private practices that match mine, as well as expand with special interests and lots of experience in psychotherapy we offer to the Burlington / neighbouring community. My allied professionals will be listed on The Arterie website if they’re not already.  I worked really hard to find like-minded therapists to join me here, but have to admit I had luck on my side because one month in, I see my vision--a collective of mental health professionals that support one another, and collaborate in serving the community
  • We did it! With my three art therapy colleagues, we offer art therapy workshops, classes, and individual consultation in Burlington, Mississauga and Toronto locations

And now, your invitations:

  • Those of you who worked with me at 480 Guelph Line will be invited to join me this spring for an art-off in my old, empty office before the building comes down, no clean up required! Inquire for more info: Studio@arterie.ca
  • With my new group-sized room at 384, I can finally run a new Zoom Within: an art making and mindfulness workshop series for adults (no art training / talent required, just creativity). I am planning on starting this up on friday mornings from April 21st, 9:30am, for six consecutive weeks. Please spread the word or call / write to inquire. This is a group I’ve run for years now, I call it ‘art therapy’s greatest hits’: powerful creative prompts to bring more depth, meaning, and beauty to your life.
  • Open Studio Mondays: Starting from April 24th, The Arterie's artist-in-residence Georgie Russell will be hosting open art studio on mondays. For one season this will be a pay-what-it’s-worth event, all are welcome, teens and adults, with special days/times open to families. Inquire/ Sign-up: 905-333-2717 or studio@arterie.ca
  • Ear-mark Saturday Apr. 29th as our Grand Opening party (details to follow!)
  • Ear-mark June 2nd as a catered thank you event for the professionals in our community that refer to me, and a time for me to introduce my colleagues

And finally, the launch of the first of several workshop series that will be offered from the Arterie in Burlington:

  • Inspired Parenting: May 11th, 2017, 7-9pm, light refreshments to be served; 12 participants, 2 co-leaders: Sarah Brodie and Claudia Corradetti

Other workshop series to be launched in Summer and Fall 2017:

  • seeker series
  • finishing school series
  • family time series

So many ideas!  I look forward to some pick up to these invitations as I spread the word, please do send along to friends.

I will be sending invitations and sharing creative prompts via our Instagram feed, if that's a thing you do, add thearterie.

Sarah Brodie

Big Huge News

Hi Readers, some of you new to my newsletter,

Pardon the bombshell, but BIG NEWS!!!!

The building my office is in will be demolished for redevelopment in the near future.

So...I’m excited to announce that late this fall I’ll be moving a hop, skip, and a jump closer to the lake, still on Guelph Line, in a right-now-being-renovated bungalow, with room to let. (Address to be announced once the facade has been refinished and the new sign put up!)

I ask readers to please forward this *first call* to any local therapists that you know, that may be looking for practice space: social workers, psychologists, a special wish for OHIP covered MD psychotherapists, psychiatrists, psychoanalysts, and of course social workers, guidance counsellors, and other healing professions that require but a professional, private, family friendly, beautifully redesigned space to consult with patients/ clients. I seek creative and collaborative sole proprietor / incorporated professionals who are looking for a healthy, challenging, and rewarding practice in Burlington.

I'll be posting photos and more info shortly on sarah-brodie.com

At the same time as I had to go hunting for a new practice space, my five colleagues and I rolled out our website for our TO-Mississauga-Burlington Creativity & Psychotherapy Collective:


I’ll be expanding my team in the new Arterie Burlington location with 6 full time consulting rooms, a waiting room and reception, a big workshop, parking, and better accessibility with ground floor entry.

I move in November 2016, along with some of my current colleagues you see at The Arterie.

I will have a quiet consulting room and a big beautiful workshop that will hold a group, numbers dependent on the kind of class/ workshop/ training: educational, arts based, therapeutic, self care. I will have a full kitchen and will be offering specially catered events for adults, children, families, parents, groups of all kinds. I’m looking forward to expanding on all fronts.

More news:

  • I’ll be rolling out a small parenting workshop series in Spring /17. Express interest if you’d like to be updated.
  • For 18-19-20 year olds preparing for their next step after high school: a new workshop series, contact me if you're interested
  • I am SO SORRY: Zoom Within Summer series was put on hold because my bloody air conditioning quit. It will resume in my new beautiful workshop in the new year/ Jan 2017 on fridays; please renew your interest and specify preferred time of day; Zoom Two also offered if I have enough participants
  • My private practice presently quite busy. I always try to leave room in my week for rescheduling, so I will gratefully and respectfully give any referrals the option of waiting for my first availability (current estimate of around 6-8 weeks), or else I can offer to have clients paired with one of my trusted colleagues from The Arterie, and my soon to be bigger, carefully selected therapists at our new Burlington location.
  • my fees will be increased by 10$ at the time of my move to allow for increased overhead costs. This will be matched with increased value: a more accessible and beautiful office, and increased services including the long awaited opportunity to offer affordable groups, workshops and classes for all ages. I continue to work hard to find third party coverage for psychotherapy services by working with Employee Assistance Programs, Health Canada (covering all clients with Native Status) and have had more success in benefits coverage of psychotherapy since the launch of the CRPO
  • I am working currently on the four reports I must submit and have accepted in order to complete my child and adolescent psychoanalytic training (CICAPP), graduation expected in early 2017
  • I continue to teach at the Toronto Art Therapy institute, and spend wednesdays teaching and training in TO
  • I am volunteering to organize a free conference on the effect of poverty on child health outcomes: Monday Oct. 24th 9am-4pm at St. Christopher’s Church, Burlington, Everyone Welcome: Tickets here
  • and finally, for anyone that made it this far down my bullet points, perhaps you would be interested in sponsoring me however modestly in my participation in the Burlington Parkinson SuperWalk along side my dear ailing mama next Sunday

Thank you readers for your interest, patronage, and for spreading the word on the good healing work of of the arts in in psychotherapy for all ages. I’m working hard to have more events to invite you to in coming newsletters. Next news should have at least a date for an open house & office warming party for the new Burlington Arterie!

Signing off amidst the crickets of late summer, just before Labour Day marks the end of summer, the start of a new school year and a busy fall season.

My best to you,

Sarah Brodie

The Arterie Newsletter: New Groups and General good news

Here I am on the shore of Lake Ontario, and my mind goes Paris, Beirut, and Syria. I am grateful to community hubs like my neighbour St. Christopher's church who are sponsoring a refugee family. In my practice, I see the work we do on an individual level, in psychotherapy, as connected to collective grieving we all do in the face of war and violence, especially now. I have been hearing about the impacts of these events from my clients. Even in children's play, my little toy soldiers have been active this week.

One year ago now, Dr. Procter entrusted me to use his consulting room, and that of his departed colleague. As many of my readers have seen, I turned the examination rooms into pocket art studios, along with the waiting room when we meet in a group, and the consulting rooms that have hosted conversations on health and wellness for over fifty years continue to do so. I've been working with clients who share my creative approach to personal and family wellness. My practice has so far yielded good results in this community. I welcome any submissions from this readership that I could use to introduce my services on a new website, launching January 2016. Stay tuned to arterie.ca

I founded a collective of like minded psychotherapists, and we will be expanding The Arterie to include offices in Mississauga and Toronto in the new year. Programs offered listed below.

In a week you will see The Arterie: Psychotherapy and Creativity, on my Burlington office door and window, with the new design you see from my rubber stamp up top.

For the children that I know, parents can tell them that I replaced my derelict doll house (that was mine when I was a kid!) with a new one. It's not perfect. I'm on the lookout.

A couple more updates: I haven't yet announced in my newsletter that I'm teaching now at the Toronto Art Therapy Institute, a school that has been around for 40 years. TATI offers a graduate level training program that students complete over 2+ years, with 800 hours of supervised clinical work. I teach in the new distance learning program, two courses: psychodynamic theory and technique, and child and adolescent development in art therapy. My students live in communities big and small, coast to coast. This will allow for art therapy to be brought to many more people and places in Canada. I'm very pleased to have this opportunity to teach and share my dozen years of experience as an art therapist.

Also on the training side of things, this time with me as student, I am rounding the last of my four years at the Canadian Institute of Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. A mouthful, I know. The Arterie plans to launch a parenting program that will teach all the best parts of my training to use in daily life of the family. TBA in 2016.

Also, I'll announce that I was among the first wave of therapists accepted to the new College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario, and hope that this will clear the path for more health coverage of these services, as well as more general recognition of the research and field of psychotherapy/ its the role in mental health treatment.

Lastly, my colleagues and I have done a great tour of workplaces in the GTA over the last year with Creative Recharge: a workshop for self care in the workplace. If you're curious, contact me!

I'll finish with thanking you who take interest in my work for sharing my name with people seeking consultation and workshops. I am so grateful for the open mindedness and confidence that comes with people who call me to consult. I am always open to your feedback with requests / ways that I can do more.

Sarah Brodie

The Arterie

Warm August Greetings

New Fall Programs

Hello to the people who have been coming to make art here at my office this summer, seeing the results of art therapy spread in to their lives. Hello to some regulars who are away for holidays and who I look forward to seeing in the fall. And a fresh hello to new newsletter readers--I haven't written for a season and I welcome new people who have joined since the springtime, curious about the arts and wellness.

I gathered a group of fellow art therapists at my office (photos below), The Arterie, this weekend. Our goal, to plan for more events for people of all ages. I'm writing with a couple of announcements.

Here are two coming programs:

One month away, starting on Friday September 11th, for six consecutive mornings, I will run my Zoom Within: Art making and Mindfulness program. I've run this before in Burlington and seen people achieve big things as they harness their creativity through these carefully delivered, powerful, creative prompts that I introduce each week.
This will be a small group: No need for experience in art making, however you will need your creativity, however rusty.

Please contact me if you're interested: 289-815-3294
And spread the word to others you may know. 4 spots are open, I've got a lovely group coming together already.

On Monday September 21st my colleague Erin Griffin will be running a one time evening workshop at the Burlington Public Library: O2: Mindfulness, Authenticity, Creativity.
Call 289-815-3294

As always, myself and my team consult with individuals and groups of all ages. I thank my clients and my colleagues, and curious readers for spreading the word.
More to come, but I'll keep this short as I'm sure you're out to enjoy the summer air.

Always happy to hear your feedback.

Sarah Brodie

Pocketful of Lullabies

Hi dear readers,

I have a musical treat for you: one of my nearest and dearest is coming to visit from Montreal and running one-time workshops at my studio/ office in Burlington. Krista has a following for her music, not only her concerts and recordings, but also her custom love songs. The talented and generous Krista is premiering her next step of her musical adventure: she has been busy transcribing lullabies to ukelele, and has boiled down the universal themes of lullabies, into an experiential workshop for a small group right here.

Come warm your heart and ukelele strings. You won't be solo-ing, don't worry if you're shy, you may bring your uke, or come with your voice alone. This one round is for grown ups (next time, family sing-along). Part performance, part teaching, and part sing-along, you will leave remembering why we have been singing simple songs to connect to one another since the very beginning.

This is just for us--the good community that I've found in opening my practice here last year; you hard working, deep reaching, committed families and individuals. I'm secretly hoping you'll all see the wonderment in this workshop and fill it up, as well as, pretty please, send this along to your friends and loved ones. I would love for this one heartfelt letter about this to land lovingly in lots of inboxes. I hope to give my favourite troubadour a warm and full reception. We have two separate dates for this one-time workshop: Wed. April 28th at 7:30pm, and Saturday, May 2nd, at 2pm.

Call 289-815-3294 to register/ more info.

Yours truly,
Sarah Brodie

PS. MORE COMING! We had two great creativity workshops--O2-- last week led by art therapist Erin Griffin (will be offered again soon). We have children's art therapy groups with spots open beginning in the next weeks. I will keep rolling out the hits, do please keep signing up. We love familiar faces, and hope to share our vision of helping people to leverage their natural creativity for healing, growth, and change.

Art the What? What the art? Art Therapy!

One-off Workshops, Associates and more...


Dear wee group of loyal neighbours and friends,

Do please send this to interested others.
We are making noise! There are two workshops being offered this week. There are still some spots left in wednesday and saturday editions of Creative O2.

AAAAAND: a new program for boys, and a new program for girls: Age 10-13, surf the ups and downs of this age in a new art therapy group run by a new member of my  excellent art therapy team.

Finally, look who I am bringing together in Burlington! We are now five people and more in the wings who can leverage creativity for growth, healing and discovery for you and your peeps.

I thank so, so much all my early patrons: pediatricians, doctor landlords, priests, psychologists, individuals and families. I thank the open hearted and mindful community that has helped me plant the seed of art therapy in Burlington. Now please, keep helping it grow. Please pass the word along, we hope to get the word out in new ways, through people who will old fashioned forward it to their old fashioned friends.

Happy March Break everyone! If you have this  wednesday evening or saturday morning free, come and make art for yourselves and learn how to look at it in new and radical ways!

This JUST in: Ontario Art Therapy Association Biannual Conference being held April 25th at the Art Gallery of Burlington
Yours Truly on the Organizing Committee!
Come one come all!

Contact me for more details about any of these events. 289-815-3294

More to come! And individual consultations available!
Keep posted by reading your next polite and infrequent edition of this humble burlington art therapy newsletter--in the unknown future. But not until after the coming workshops have passed! So act now! Sign up or spread the word! We have spots for creatives! Adults and Yut'!

Yours truly,
Sarah Brodie,

...& Associates

Big News! Art Therapy Workshops for Bell Let's Talk Day


With the big help of, and thanks to, Anna Silgardo, friend of artists and art therapists,  fellow art therapist Claudia Corradetti and I will lead three full (no spots left!) workshops for Bell Media employees.

Artists in Momentum,  local advocates for the arts, have brought this introduction to art therapy to Bell for this year's Let's Talk day.

This is another great opportunity that adds to mine and Claudia's passion project of bring the tools of art therapy to workplaces in the service of that work-life balance. We need to make time in both work and life to find and keep this balance.

Please spread the good news, and feel free to invite Claudia and I to come to *your* workplace for your very own power hour: a workshop that will help your team move forward on puzzles, projects, and collaborations through the playful motor of the creative process.


My New Office and New Workshops

Here I am again with the where-with-all to write you all, so I'll thank All The Saints, since it's their day!

Welcome to new readers. I've started this polite and infrequent newsletter less than a year ago when I brought my art therapy practice to Burlington, Ontario.

I'm pleased to announce that I'm in my own office suite now, a nice location, where I can see individuals and groups. Next week, I'll be inaugurating the waiting room with a first group, Zoom Two starting in a week (full).

I'm also announcing a repeat of Zoom Within in the New Year--I've tried to find a time more amenable to the work week, but it won't be often that I am able to do so. We'll be meeting six consecutive weeks on friday evenings, with a dinner option afterwards. I think this may fill quickly, so please write me soon if this appeals, and do spread the word. This will be my fourth time offering this series in Burlington, where I have seen adults take off with the creative prompts I have designed. No experience/ talent required, just creativity and curiosity.

A little more information on my new office: As you may see from my door, I'm sharing the place with Dr. Procter, a well loved family physician who has been working out of this very suite for over 50 years! He has moved his practice to the new MacMaster Family Health Centre behind the hospital. His office staff stays on to finish the task of scanning all his paper files. When this is done, I will be working out of the whole suite, and my intention is to bring together a like minded team of professionals to have a creative arts therapies clinic for Burlington, alongside Accent Music Therapy, who have been so friendly to me on my arrival here. I have room enough for a few of us, and my team is constellating. I'm located in a good spot: easy to get to, easy parking, one stair case, and it feels like a hidden secret inside. Come see! I'll have an opening party once I've spiffed it up. To be announced.

At this point much more spiffing up to do, as I've merely piled boxes in a few of the rooms that I shan't let you see. Meanwhile, however, good things are happening in my consultation room/ pocket art studio. I am seeing a growing number of children, adolescents, and adults who come to explore the arts and healing with different starting points that I'd say are all felt as a painful stuckness. I am glad to be collaborating with concerned and loving families as we think about the changes that can be made around young people to help them develop a strong internal composure. And with my patients of all ages, art is being spun from fantasy, and I'm right there, connecting art and life.

As some of you know, Burlington is where I grew up. After half my life away, I've returned with what I've learned. Art therapy is a powerful way to connect us to who we are, and art therapists are well trained to support the difficult aspects of this inner work--growing up, connecting, grieving, forgiving, loving... Art therapists are also there to spot the subtle, unspoken parts of us that are forgotten or overlooked by even our intimates, even ourselves. Do you know what a breakthrough looks like? I may refine this thought, but right now I can't think of a time that I have not been struck by the beauty of what emerges, soft and still young, from a rarely unlocked gate deep inside (our unconscious). This too is the work of the art therapist: to behold that beauty, to invite these vulnerable parts of us to get worked into to the overall masterpiece that we are.

I do hope to have more workshops in the new year: for young people, for parents, for parent-child combos. I'm getting settled, and taking requests!

I'm writing more than I myself would read in someone else's a newsletter, but I'll push it and add one last plug for The Art Of Self-Care in the Workplace workshop series I developed and delivered with a colleague, finishing just yesterday at a wonderful public agency in Peel. These workshops are for hardworking teachers, nurses, doctors, therapists, counsellors, and others in service. We would like to offer this group in the workplace, or chez nous in the future. If you are interested, let me know.

Enjoy the last of the fall colours, and the extra hour as we 'fall back,'

Sarah Brodie

PS. My name to come on the door below!

Labour Day greetings. Fall is my New Year.

I moved to Burlington one year ago. Those of you who know me know I grew up here, and that I spent twenty years away, working, studying, and traveling. Last year I made the big decision to bring my family back to my own motherland, and with that full circle, bring what I've learned. I rented an office part time near the mall, I built my wee, neglected website: sarah-brodie.com, and I started my practice.

With my title of art therapist I've met people who, like me, are curious about creativity, about healing. I've been welcomed by the medical community, the arts community, and have so many people yet to meet (I am so happy to present on my work, do contact me if you're interested!). This fine year, I've had the privilege of getting to know a number of you on this mailing list through the art you made in my workshops/ sessions, and I've seen many people fly, make it their own, create, grow, heal.

So with courage bolstered (thank you, early patrons!), I've rented my very own office, just a stone's throw down Guelph Line, across from the Roseland Plaza. It's really quite something: The doctor who is the current tenant has been practicing there since 1960, and I think you'll agree when you come in to visit: you go back in time when you walk through the door. The office has a vintage, Norman-Rockwellian vibe, which I think I'm going to have to match with my wardrobe. I will move in when the good Doctor has relocated to the fancy new building currently under construction behind JBMH. Projected date is October 1st. I cannot wait. I'll be at first sharing it with the good Doctor while his staff finishes scanning 50 years of medical files. And then, when it's mine, all mine, I shall hope to build a full-fledged clinic with like minded practitioners: for individual and group therapy, workshops, and consultations with experts in the creative process--the vital but fragile ingredient for thriving people, families, organizations, and businesses.

In other news: I'm newly on the faculty for the Toronto Art Therapy Institute. I'll be teaching one course for their new distance learning program: Psychodynamic Issues in Theory and Practice. A mouthful, and a summer-full: I've been working on the curriculum with every spare moment. I enjoy the work, a chance for me to deepen my understanding of depth psychology, and to play a role in training new art therapists.

I've vacationed (above photo of Vermont) and done enough doing-nothing. Thus I'm recharged for the fall to continue the work I'm doing in my practice, meet new people seeking therapy (do please pass my name along if you hear the need).

Fall workshops:

I'll be offering  Zoom Within this fall: A six workshop series for adults where I share some favourite creative prompts. Dates and times to follow (once I've confirmed my moving date), if you're interested please contact me.

I'll also be offering Part Two of my Zoom Within workshop series this fall, for those of you who have done the first part.

I would LOVE to have art therapy workshops for adolescents. It is on my list to get this started so please contact me if you are interested; that will get me moving ;)

Finally (and sorry, this may be an infrequent newsletter, but really quite chatty, no?): Happy back-to-school season. I myself am heading back to my classes, where I am mentored by the master therapists at CICAPP, and push on to being an ever deepening psychotherapist. No matter the grade, the graduate level, it is a new beginning. May yours and your children's motivation and learning go hand in hand, playfully skipping through the autumn leaves.

Yours in creating vitality,

Sarah Brodie, M.A., CCC, ATR

Last minute-invite to a live sweet parent-child play session

Meet some of these fine fellows (pictured) Tomorrow: Saturday, April 12th at the Burlington Art Centre

Parent and Child Play Session: 9:30am, Children's Art Studio

Sorry this is so silly-ly last minute. I'm not keeping up with all this fancy web based publicity which comes as a sorry second to my work as a therapist (Addendum to my big dream: dream publicist!).

A special welcome to new subscribers who may have found me through the blog I wrote for Momstown Burlington this week.

Tuesday evening I had the pleasure of lead a great discussion with adults interested in children's play: all about the links between creative play, parent-child bonds/ attachment theory, and child development. Welcome too to new subscribers from that good, good dialogue. The event was also graciously hosted by the Burlington Art Centre, where we enjoyed seeing all the buzz of art making and beautiful studios, such as the Children's Art Studio where I'll be for tomorrow's workshop.

Tomorrow we are meeting for a live-play session with parent and children 6 and under/ preschoolers. Info on my website. We are so far a small-ish group, so just in case you happen to know a parent-child combo who are free tomorrow morning, please have them contact me! This is for parents up for a short and sweet play session with gentle coaching with a qualified therapist around keeping play child directed, and more importantly, highlighting for parents all the magic they are making without even thinking about it!

I'll be in touch again to remind you of upcoming Spring BAC *free* sessions for adults, and young people. I hope to fill them up, so take a look at the website for info, and sign up soon!

Have a lovely sunny weekend!

Spring feverishly,

Copyright © 2014 Sarah Brodie, M.A., Art psychotherapist, All rights reserved.

Spring Greetings and New Workshops

Hi Everyone!

I've had the great fortune of meeting people through art making at Carpenter Wellness, McMaster U, Newcomer Centre of Peel, my most recent Zoom Within group. Many of you have signed up to receive this newsletter and I welcome you!

I have lots of creative ideas I will share with you in coming letters (of which this is the first I'm sending out to an audience, so pardon me if this is less than smooth). Today I'm going to stick to telling you about a whack of spring events where we can next meet and continue what we began! I'm working hard spreading the word about my new practice and the benefits of art therapy, and am so happy that I have these open invitations to share with you. I'll be much obliged, and will do you proud, if you share them with family, friends, coworkers, neighbours.

(For colour, I'm pasting in some interesting images that are loosely tied to coming events...)

1. Create Vitality Series at the Burlington Art Centre:

Three FREE springtime seminars, and connected workshops (low or no fee) designed by me and graciously hosted by the BAC to introduce art therapy to PARENTS (grandparents, caregivers, and others), YOUTH (age 16-25), and EVERYONE.

The subjects will be:

The bigger the audience, the more interesting this dynamic presentation will be!
Sign up by calling the Burlington Art Centre: (905) 632-7796

2.  Spring Zoom Within Series beginning Friday, Apr. 25th, 2014

3. Zoom Within Part 2

Continued work for those who have taken Part 1, to be offered Friday afternoons, info to be forwarded to past participants.

4. Mind Body Hour at HIWHC: Thursdays at 2pm, drop-in, free

You are also welcome to join me thursday afternoons, for one hour (2-3pm).  I invite anyone who is interested in practicing mindfulness. There is no fee. It is held at the Halton Women's Integrative Health Centre where I rent an office, 720 Guelph Line, suite 302. In making a place (and a pace) for my own mindfulness practice, I've founded a lovely community of people who, with me, do mindfulness training / meditation, and discuss other techniques supportive of mindfulness, and our practice, health, and healing, in general.

I'll finish by sharing a beautiful quote that was recently passed along to me by a dear ZW participant:

When we do not trouble ourselves about whether or not something is a work of art, if we just act in each moment with composure and mindfulness, each minute of our life is a work of art. --Thich Nhat Hanh

Please join me at a seminar, workshop, or at Zoom Within, as we practice looking from art to life and back again, letting one transform the other.

Do please spread the word, and feel free to contact me: artsarahpy@gmail.com (this is my new email address for work).

See you when the blossoms abound!


My first real blog post ever

And this one is only for the people who look to see what's in my archive. So hello to anyone who takes a moment to follow my thoughts. I have some nice fresh quiet highlights for your days. Each will take as long as you can give it.

First thing is to tell you about some of my favourite sources of inspiration.


1. Brain Pickings. Maria Popova, I thank you so much for getting me reading. I have a library of course packs from my cultural studies undergrad twenty years ago that I lug around hoping to read when I have time, and somehow Brain Pickings replaces them and brings me back to the excitment of a new three credit class led by someone illuminated. My course packs are now on someone else's shelf, they were picked up off the sidewalk of our Montreal apartment as we moved from there last summer. I am so pleased to share this trove of interestingness--all my passions seem to be touched on here: the arts, the mind, creative process, humanity. You're a reader's cool dj spinning through the words and images of people who must, among other virtues, all breathe deeply most of the time.


2. Futureme. I just sent this whole blog entry to be sent to futureme to be sent it...let's see, three months from today, to remind myself that if I haven't followed up with a few stunning entries, than I need to take my own advice.


3. Okay, now, those are two good bits above: First one is like a weekly digest of beauty in thought and the arts.  The second is a fun journalling tool. Would you like a creative prompt for what you might like to write your futureself?

Here are where you can receive a personalized creative prompts to overcome blocks of all kinds: creative, relationship, family, personal, work. My best work is with people who work either/both: on themselves; creatively. I have seen profound transformations in individuals, families, and teams.

I offer seminars & workshops, and creativity consultation by phone/ skype.

And if you sign up and read this newsletter, I will share with you some of my favourite creative prompts with you, as art therapist and artist, with hopes that you'll share with us your breakthroughs, or workthroughs, comments in general.

I thank you very much for stopping here. And if we've met, I hope I did a good job in person of sharing my ideas for sparking transformation with creativity--I like talking about these things in real life best! I'm not often spending much time answering emails, but I might use questions or suggestions in future posts!


Sarah Brodie


Winter Workshop Series begins this friday!

Registration for Zoom Within, a series of art making and mindfulness workshops has closed. We have a full and wonderful group of 8. Please contact me if you're interested in joining in the future.

See testimonials for participant feedback.

For participants:

A few practical details:

1. don't wear your favourite crisp white shirt. I have smocks on hand, and we're not always using wet materials, but just in case...

2. there will be a break every week, feel free to bring a snack or drink for yourself. If you have drinks at the art making table, make sure they're spill proof.

3. Where:

St. Christopher's Anglican Church

662 Guelph Line, Burlington, ON, Canada


We have our own entrance: it's the walkway to the right of the main entrance, as you're standing facing the church from the parking lot.
I will have the window marked with a poster, you'll need to knock on the door and I'll be there from 1pm onwards.

4. I have cc-ed my assisstant, and will be glad to introduce her to you on friday: Thorey Brynjarsdottir, a training art therapist, who will be helping me with the set up and time keeping and other aspects of the workshops. I'm so pleased to have her help for this session so I can focus on the art that will arise out of these creative prompts.

In my conversations with all of you I've heard a similar clarity of purpose in signing up, and I have the sense that this will be a great group. I've seen fantastic things come of this series in the past, and for any one who is nervous, here's a few words from a past participant:

Zoom Within provided me with a unique opportunity to exercise self-care in a way that was far removed from my usual day-to-day routine.  Although I initially approached the class with a fair amount of apprehension and self-consciousness, Sarah created a safe and comfortable environment where the focus was very much upon self-expression rather than creating something ‘good’.  With that, I was able to work through my inhibitions and felt free to share as little or as much as I wished – soon learning the value of sharing and having a supportive group to reflect back my experience.  It was liberating to play artistically in a way I am not accustomed to as an adult, and I found the various exercises and activities meditative and thought-provoking (particularly those that were challenging, in hindsight).  I reaped the benefits of these workshops long after the six weeks were over, as my explorations and insights became a catalyst for initiating a major transition in my life. 

                 - Joni  


That's all for now, don't hesitate to write with more questions.