The creative process is a vital yet delicate ingredient for thriving people, families, organization, businesses.

Art Therapists are uniquely trained to work with the creativity of a group, or an individual towards achievement, development, progress.

Do you need help thinking 'out of the box' on a particular problem at work?  Is your family wanting to start a big project that will focus, and inspire, all the family members? Are you an artist that is struggling with a creative block?

While I have the training and experience to use this skill set for people with serious illness, or more personal suffering, the skill set of an art therapist is uniquely suited to non-therapy applications: a professional who knows how to call forth, jiggle in to place, conduct, unfurl a dramatic creative process. An experiential workshop can light up a work project you are working on together; unblock an artist's journey; help you find your right artistic 'medium' for the idea you want to explore.

Workplaces, families, individuals: You do not need artistic skills or talents. We are all creative, but whether we exercise it or not is another question. You will be amazed at the freshness, the openness, and the vibrancy you will bring into a project, in to a group, in to your own life, with a workshop given by someone skilled to access and exercise your creative well.

And more: My passion Project--Prevention of Compassion Fatigue

Doctors, nurses, teachers, social workers, psychologists, psychotherapists, settlement workers, supervisors, and supports:

Professionals who are front line with the public, the office teams that support them, are at risk for compassion fatigue: the road to burn out. Art therapists know how to tap into the creativity and empathy that caring professionals use for their clients, but in this case, towards self-care in the workplace.

My colleague, Claudia Corradetti, M.A., and I have developed a series of experiential workshops that educate professionals on how to spot the signs of compassion fatigue, and we share powerful tools that can be used safely and easily (no need of an art studio) in the work place, towards the prevention of compassion fatigue.

Participants do not need to have training or talents in the arts.

This is a powerful program for which organizations have received grants and external funding to offer their employees.

If you are interested in putting together a tailored proposal for your workplace, please contact me.