Big Huge News

Hi Readers, some of you new to my newsletter,

Pardon the bombshell, but BIG NEWS!!!!

The building my office is in will be demolished for redevelopment in the near future.

So...I’m excited to announce that late this fall I’ll be moving a hop, skip, and a jump closer to the lake, still on Guelph Line, in a right-now-being-renovated bungalow, with room to let. (Address to be announced once the facade has been refinished and the new sign put up!)

I ask readers to please forward this *first call* to any local therapists that you know, that may be looking for practice space: social workers, psychologists, a special wish for OHIP covered MD psychotherapists, psychiatrists, psychoanalysts, and of course social workers, guidance counsellors, and other healing professions that require but a professional, private, family friendly, beautifully redesigned space to consult with patients/ clients. I seek creative and collaborative sole proprietor / incorporated professionals who are looking for a healthy, challenging, and rewarding practice in Burlington.

I'll be posting photos and more info shortly on

At the same time as I had to go hunting for a new practice space, my five colleagues and I rolled out our website for our TO-Mississauga-Burlington Creativity & Psychotherapy Collective:

I’ll be expanding my team in the new Arterie Burlington location with 6 full time consulting rooms, a waiting room and reception, a big workshop, parking, and better accessibility with ground floor entry.

I move in November 2016, along with some of my current colleagues you see at The Arterie.

I will have a quiet consulting room and a big beautiful workshop that will hold a group, numbers dependent on the kind of class/ workshop/ training: educational, arts based, therapeutic, self care. I will have a full kitchen and will be offering specially catered events for adults, children, families, parents, groups of all kinds. I’m looking forward to expanding on all fronts.

More news:

  • I’ll be rolling out a small parenting workshop series in Spring /17. Express interest if you’d like to be updated.
  • For 18-19-20 year olds preparing for their next step after high school: a new workshop series, contact me if you're interested
  • I am SO SORRY: Zoom Within Summer series was put on hold because my bloody air conditioning quit. It will resume in my new beautiful workshop in the new year/ Jan 2017 on fridays; please renew your interest and specify preferred time of day; Zoom Two also offered if I have enough participants
  • My private practice presently quite busy. I always try to leave room in my week for rescheduling, so I will gratefully and respectfully give any referrals the option of waiting for my first availability (current estimate of around 6-8 weeks), or else I can offer to have clients paired with one of my trusted colleagues from The Arterie, and my soon to be bigger, carefully selected therapists at our new Burlington location.
  • my fees will be increased by 10$ at the time of my move to allow for increased overhead costs. This will be matched with increased value: a more accessible and beautiful office, and increased services including the long awaited opportunity to offer affordable groups, workshops and classes for all ages. I continue to work hard to find third party coverage for psychotherapy services by working with Employee Assistance Programs, Health Canada (covering all clients with Native Status) and have had more success in benefits coverage of psychotherapy since the launch of the CRPO
  • I am working currently on the four reports I must submit and have accepted in order to complete my child and adolescent psychoanalytic training (CICAPP), graduation expected in early 2017
  • I continue to teach at the Toronto Art Therapy institute, and spend wednesdays teaching and training in TO
  • I am volunteering to organize a free conference on the effect of poverty on child health outcomes: Monday Oct. 24th 9am-4pm at St. Christopher’s Church, Burlington, Everyone Welcome: Tickets here
  • and finally, for anyone that made it this far down my bullet points, perhaps you would be interested in sponsoring me however modestly in my participation in the Burlington Parkinson SuperWalk along side my dear ailing mama next Sunday

Thank you readers for your interest, patronage, and for spreading the word on the good healing work of of the arts in in psychotherapy for all ages. I’m working hard to have more events to invite you to in coming newsletters. Next news should have at least a date for an open house & office warming party for the new Burlington Arterie!

Signing off amidst the crickets of late summer, just before Labour Day marks the end of summer, the start of a new school year and a busy fall season.

My best to you,

Sarah Brodie