The Arterie

Warm August Greetings

New Fall Programs

Hello to the people who have been coming to make art here at my office this summer, seeing the results of art therapy spread in to their lives. Hello to some regulars who are away for holidays and who I look forward to seeing in the fall. And a fresh hello to new newsletter readers--I haven't written for a season and I welcome new people who have joined since the springtime, curious about the arts and wellness.

I gathered a group of fellow art therapists at my office (photos below), The Arterie, this weekend. Our goal, to plan for more events for people of all ages. I'm writing with a couple of announcements.

Here are two coming programs:

One month away, starting on Friday September 11th, for six consecutive mornings, I will run my Zoom Within: Art making and Mindfulness program. I've run this before in Burlington and seen people achieve big things as they harness their creativity through these carefully delivered, powerful, creative prompts that I introduce each week.
This will be a small group: No need for experience in art making, however you will need your creativity, however rusty.

Please contact me if you're interested: 289-815-3294
And spread the word to others you may know. 4 spots are open, I've got a lovely group coming together already.

On Monday September 21st my colleague Erin Griffin will be running a one time evening workshop at the Burlington Public Library: O2: Mindfulness, Authenticity, Creativity.
Call 289-815-3294

As always, myself and my team consult with individuals and groups of all ages. I thank my clients and my colleagues, and curious readers for spreading the word.
More to come, but I'll keep this short as I'm sure you're out to enjoy the summer air.

Always happy to hear your feedback.

Sarah Brodie