Pocketful of Lullabies

Hi dear readers,

I have a musical treat for you: one of my nearest and dearest is coming to visit from Montreal and running one-time workshops at my studio/ office in Burlington. Krista has a following for her music, not only her concerts and recordings, but also her custom love songs. The talented and generous Krista is premiering her next step of her musical adventure: she has been busy transcribing lullabies to ukelele, and has boiled down the universal themes of lullabies, into an experiential workshop for a small group right here.

Come warm your heart and ukelele strings. You won't be solo-ing, don't worry if you're shy, you may bring your uke, or come with your voice alone. This one round is for grown ups (next time, family sing-along). Part performance, part teaching, and part sing-along, you will leave remembering why we have been singing simple songs to connect to one another since the very beginning.

This is just for us--the good community that I've found in opening my practice here last year; you hard working, deep reaching, committed families and individuals. I'm secretly hoping you'll all see the wonderment in this workshop and fill it up, as well as, pretty please, send this along to your friends and loved ones. I would love for this one heartfelt letter about this to land lovingly in lots of inboxes. I hope to give my favourite troubadour a warm and full reception. We have two separate dates for this one-time workshop: Wed. April 28th at 7:30pm, and Saturday, May 2nd, at 2pm.

Call 289-815-3294 to register/ more info.

Yours truly,
Sarah Brodie

PS. MORE COMING! We had two great creativity workshops--O2-- last week led by art therapist Erin Griffin (will be offered again soon). We have children's art therapy groups with spots open beginning in the next weeks. I will keep rolling out the hits, do please keep signing up. We love familiar faces, and hope to share our vision of helping people to leverage their natural creativity for healing, growth, and change.