Art the What? What the art? Art Therapy!

One-off Workshops, Associates and more...


Dear wee group of loyal neighbours and friends,

Do please send this to interested others.
We are making noise! There are two workshops being offered this week. There are still some spots left in wednesday and saturday editions of Creative O2.

AAAAAND: a new program for boys, and a new program for girls: Age 10-13, surf the ups and downs of this age in a new art therapy group run by a new member of my  excellent art therapy team.

Finally, look who I am bringing together in Burlington! We are now five people and more in the wings who can leverage creativity for growth, healing and discovery for you and your peeps.

I thank so, so much all my early patrons: pediatricians, doctor landlords, priests, psychologists, individuals and families. I thank the open hearted and mindful community that has helped me plant the seed of art therapy in Burlington. Now please, keep helping it grow. Please pass the word along, we hope to get the word out in new ways, through people who will old fashioned forward it to their old fashioned friends.

Happy March Break everyone! If you have this  wednesday evening or saturday morning free, come and make art for yourselves and learn how to look at it in new and radical ways!

This JUST in: Ontario Art Therapy Association Biannual Conference being held April 25th at the Art Gallery of Burlington
Yours Truly on the Organizing Committee!
Come one come all!

Contact me for more details about any of these events. 289-815-3294

More to come! And individual consultations available!
Keep posted by reading your next polite and infrequent edition of this humble burlington art therapy newsletter--in the unknown future. But not until after the coming workshops have passed! So act now! Sign up or spread the word! We have spots for creatives! Adults and Yut'!

Yours truly,
Sarah Brodie,

...& Associates