Two Free TalkS

Two Talks This Week: Intro to Art Therapy FEB 9 and 10th

I'm so sorry this is so late notice, these winter weeks are whirling past. 

New programming coming--half day and longer series to be announced shortly!

This is just a quick notice, just in case it works last minute in to your schedule and you're curious to know more about art therapy:

Local Psychologist Marleen Filimon has invited me to speak at her office: A general intro to art therapy. 

Today, Monday, Feb. 9th, 7pm, Downtown Burlington. More info: Private Matters Psychotherapy.  NO CHARGE


Again, a general intro to art therapy, this time for people living with mood disorders themselves or in their family.

And then Tuesday, Feb. 10th, 7pm. Downtown Hamilton, St. Joseph's Hospital. NO CHARGE

Mood Menders Support Services Facebook Page Link for More info

Have a great week!