The Arterie Newsletter: New Groups and General good news

Here I am on the shore of Lake Ontario, and my mind goes Paris, Beirut, and Syria. I am grateful to community hubs like my neighbour St. Christopher's church who are sponsoring a refugee family. In my practice, I see the work we do on an individual level, in psychotherapy, as connected to collective grieving we all do in the face of war and violence, especially now. I have been hearing about the impacts of these events from my clients. Even in children's play, my little toy soldiers have been active this week.

One year ago now, Dr. Procter entrusted me to use his consulting room, and that of his departed colleague. As many of my readers have seen, I turned the examination rooms into pocket art studios, along with the waiting room when we meet in a group, and the consulting rooms that have hosted conversations on health and wellness for over fifty years continue to do so. I've been working with clients who share my creative approach to personal and family wellness. My practice has so far yielded good results in this community. I welcome any submissions from this readership that I could use to introduce my services on a new website, launching January 2016. Stay tuned to

I founded a collective of like minded psychotherapists, and we will be expanding The Arterie to include offices in Mississauga and Toronto in the new year. Programs offered listed below.

In a week you will see The Arterie: Psychotherapy and Creativity, on my Burlington office door and window, with the new design you see from my rubber stamp up top.

For the children that I know, parents can tell them that I replaced my derelict doll house (that was mine when I was a kid!) with a new one. It's not perfect. I'm on the lookout.

A couple more updates: I haven't yet announced in my newsletter that I'm teaching now at the Toronto Art Therapy Institute, a school that has been around for 40 years. TATI offers a graduate level training program that students complete over 2+ years, with 800 hours of supervised clinical work. I teach in the new distance learning program, two courses: psychodynamic theory and technique, and child and adolescent development in art therapy. My students live in communities big and small, coast to coast. This will allow for art therapy to be brought to many more people and places in Canada. I'm very pleased to have this opportunity to teach and share my dozen years of experience as an art therapist.

Also on the training side of things, this time with me as student, I am rounding the last of my four years at the Canadian Institute of Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. A mouthful, I know. The Arterie plans to launch a parenting program that will teach all the best parts of my training to use in daily life of the family. TBA in 2016.

Also, I'll announce that I was among the first wave of therapists accepted to the new College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario, and hope that this will clear the path for more health coverage of these services, as well as more general recognition of the research and field of psychotherapy/ its the role in mental health treatment.

Lastly, my colleagues and I have done a great tour of workplaces in the GTA over the last year with Creative Recharge: a workshop for self care in the workplace. If you're curious, contact me!

I'll finish with thanking you who take interest in my work for sharing my name with people seeking consultation and workshops. I am so grateful for the open mindedness and confidence that comes with people who call me to consult. I am always open to your feedback with requests / ways that I can do more.

Sarah Brodie