Labour Day greetings. Fall is my New Year.

I moved to Burlington one year ago. Those of you who know me know I grew up here, and that I spent twenty years away, working, studying, and traveling. Last year I made the big decision to bring my family back to my own motherland, and with that full circle, bring what I've learned. I rented an office part time near the mall, I built my wee, neglected website:, and I started my practice.

With my title of art therapist I've met people who, like me, are curious about creativity, about healing. I've been welcomed by the medical community, the arts community, and have so many people yet to meet (I am so happy to present on my work, do contact me if you're interested!). This fine year, I've had the privilege of getting to know a number of you on this mailing list through the art you made in my workshops/ sessions, and I've seen many people fly, make it their own, create, grow, heal.

So with courage bolstered (thank you, early patrons!), I've rented my very own office, just a stone's throw down Guelph Line, across from the Roseland Plaza. It's really quite something: The doctor who is the current tenant has been practicing there since 1960, and I think you'll agree when you come in to visit: you go back in time when you walk through the door. The office has a vintage, Norman-Rockwellian vibe, which I think I'm going to have to match with my wardrobe. I will move in when the good Doctor has relocated to the fancy new building currently under construction behind JBMH. Projected date is October 1st. I cannot wait. I'll be at first sharing it with the good Doctor while his staff finishes scanning 50 years of medical files. And then, when it's mine, all mine, I shall hope to build a full-fledged clinic with like minded practitioners: for individual and group therapy, workshops, and consultations with experts in the creative process--the vital but fragile ingredient for thriving people, families, organizations, and businesses.

In other news: I'm newly on the faculty for the Toronto Art Therapy Institute. I'll be teaching one course for their new distance learning program: Psychodynamic Issues in Theory and Practice. A mouthful, and a summer-full: I've been working on the curriculum with every spare moment. I enjoy the work, a chance for me to deepen my understanding of depth psychology, and to play a role in training new art therapists.

I've vacationed (above photo of Vermont) and done enough doing-nothing. Thus I'm recharged for the fall to continue the work I'm doing in my practice, meet new people seeking therapy (do please pass my name along if you hear the need).

Fall workshops:

I'll be offering  Zoom Within this fall: A six workshop series for adults where I share some favourite creative prompts. Dates and times to follow (once I've confirmed my moving date), if you're interested please contact me.

I'll also be offering Part Two of my Zoom Within workshop series this fall, for those of you who have done the first part.

I would LOVE to have art therapy workshops for adolescents. It is on my list to get this started so please contact me if you are interested; that will get me moving ;)

Finally (and sorry, this may be an infrequent newsletter, but really quite chatty, no?): Happy back-to-school season. I myself am heading back to my classes, where I am mentored by the master therapists at CICAPP, and push on to being an ever deepening psychotherapist. No matter the grade, the graduate level, it is a new beginning. May yours and your children's motivation and learning go hand in hand, playfully skipping through the autumn leaves.

Yours in creating vitality,

Sarah Brodie, M.A., CCC, ATR