Last minute-invite to a live sweet parent-child play session

Meet some of these fine fellows (pictured) Tomorrow: Saturday, April 12th at the Burlington Art Centre

Parent and Child Play Session: 9:30am, Children's Art Studio

Sorry this is so silly-ly last minute. I'm not keeping up with all this fancy web based publicity which comes as a sorry second to my work as a therapist (Addendum to my big dream: dream publicist!).

A special welcome to new subscribers who may have found me through the blog I wrote for Momstown Burlington this week.

Tuesday evening I had the pleasure of lead a great discussion with adults interested in children's play: all about the links between creative play, parent-child bonds/ attachment theory, and child development. Welcome too to new subscribers from that good, good dialogue. The event was also graciously hosted by the Burlington Art Centre, where we enjoyed seeing all the buzz of art making and beautiful studios, such as the Children's Art Studio where I'll be for tomorrow's workshop.

Tomorrow we are meeting for a live-play session with parent and children 6 and under/ preschoolers. Info on my website. We are so far a small-ish group, so just in case you happen to know a parent-child combo who are free tomorrow morning, please have them contact me! This is for parents up for a short and sweet play session with gentle coaching with a qualified therapist around keeping play child directed, and more importantly, highlighting for parents all the magic they are making without even thinking about it!

I'll be in touch again to remind you of upcoming Spring BAC *free* sessions for adults, and young people. I hope to fill them up, so take a look at the website for info, and sign up soon!

Have a lovely sunny weekend!

Spring feverishly,

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