My first real blog post ever

And this one is only for the people who look to see what's in my archive. So hello to anyone who takes a moment to follow my thoughts. I have some nice fresh quiet highlights for your days. Each will take as long as you can give it.

First thing is to tell you about some of my favourite sources of inspiration.


1. Brain Pickings. Maria Popova, I thank you so much for getting me reading. I have a library of course packs from my cultural studies undergrad twenty years ago that I lug around hoping to read when I have time, and somehow Brain Pickings replaces them and brings me back to the excitment of a new three credit class led by someone illuminated. My course packs are now on someone else's shelf, they were picked up off the sidewalk of our Montreal apartment as we moved from there last summer. I am so pleased to share this trove of interestingness--all my passions seem to be touched on here: the arts, the mind, creative process, humanity. You're a reader's cool dj spinning through the words and images of people who must, among other virtues, all breathe deeply most of the time.


2. Futureme. I just sent this whole blog entry to be sent to futureme to be sent it...let's see, three months from today, to remind myself that if I haven't followed up with a few stunning entries, than I need to take my own advice.


3. Okay, now, those are two good bits above: First one is like a weekly digest of beauty in thought and the arts.  The second is a fun journalling tool. Would you like a creative prompt for what you might like to write your futureself?

Here are where you can receive a personalized creative prompts to overcome blocks of all kinds: creative, relationship, family, personal, work. My best work is with people who work either/both: on themselves; creatively. I have seen profound transformations in individuals, families, and teams.

I offer seminars & workshops, and creativity consultation by phone/ skype.

And if you sign up and read this newsletter, I will share with you some of my favourite creative prompts with you, as art therapist and artist, with hopes that you'll share with us your breakthroughs, or workthroughs, comments in general.

I thank you very much for stopping here. And if we've met, I hope I did a good job in person of sharing my ideas for sparking transformation with creativity--I like talking about these things in real life best! I'm not often spending much time answering emails, but I might use questions or suggestions in future posts!


Sarah Brodie