Winter Workshop Series begins this friday!

Registration for Zoom Within, a series of art making and mindfulness workshops has closed. We have a full and wonderful group of 8. Please contact me if you're interested in joining in the future.

See testimonials for participant feedback.

For participants:

A few practical details:

1. don't wear your favourite crisp white shirt. I have smocks on hand, and we're not always using wet materials, but just in case...

2. there will be a break every week, feel free to bring a snack or drink for yourself. If you have drinks at the art making table, make sure they're spill proof.

3. Where:

St. Christopher's Anglican Church

662 Guelph Line, Burlington, ON, Canada

We have our own entrance: it's the walkway to the right of the main entrance, as you're standing facing the church from the parking lot.
I will have the window marked with a poster, you'll need to knock on the door and I'll be there from 1pm onwards.

4. I have cc-ed my assisstant, and will be glad to introduce her to you on friday: Thorey Brynjarsdottir, a training art therapist, who will be helping me with the set up and time keeping and other aspects of the workshops. I'm so pleased to have her help for this session so I can focus on the art that will arise out of these creative prompts.

In my conversations with all of you I've heard a similar clarity of purpose in signing up, and I have the sense that this will be a great group. I've seen fantastic things come of this series in the past, and for any one who is nervous, here's a few words from a past participant:

Zoom Within provided me with a unique opportunity to exercise self-care in a way that was far removed from my usual day-to-day routine.  Although I initially approached the class with a fair amount of apprehension and self-consciousness, Sarah created a safe and comfortable environment where the focus was very much upon self-expression rather than creating something ‘good’.  With that, I was able to work through my inhibitions and felt free to share as little or as much as I wished – soon learning the value of sharing and having a supportive group to reflect back my experience.  It was liberating to play artistically in a way I am not accustomed to as an adult, and I found the various exercises and activities meditative and thought-provoking (particularly those that were challenging, in hindsight).  I reaped the benefits of these workshops long after the six weeks were over, as my explorations and insights became a catalyst for initiating a major transition in my life. 

                 - Joni  


That's all for now, don't hesitate to write with more questions.